Austin Mini Classic Cabrio Anhängerkupplung Bausatz Trailer-Hitch Tow-Bar Kit Nachrüsten Umbau Lothar Heilmann Karlstein Main

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Cabrio-Retrofit: For this, the entire floor assembly is enhanced, a quick folding top with connecting parts made ​​of stainless steel and original "Sonnenland" hood material mounted. (Open top / close in just 20 seconds; removable rear side windows.) The mini convertible kit is available in limited quantities; simple, detailed instructions; for the self-screwdriver with welding expertise. Preparation of towbars for all Minis from year 1959 to 2000. All prices on request. Subject to change - shipping worldwide.
Austin Mini Cooper Rover Classic Convertible Kit Tow-Bar Trailer-Hitch Cabrio Body Conversion.
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